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  • Advken Manta Resin 24mm RTAAdvken Manta Resin 24mm RTA 1
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    Advken Manta Resin 24mm RTA

    The Advken Manta 24mm RTA delivers a user-orientated rebuildable tank platform featuring a maximum capacity of 4mL with bubble glass section, convenient threaded top-fill method, staggered two-post build deck, and dual 6-holes bottom airflow system.
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    asMODus Voluna V2 RTA

    The asMODus Voluna V2 is the flagship successor to the asMODus Voluna RTA, featuring a spaciously unique build deck, adjustable dedicated bottom airflow, and a push-style hinged top cap top fill system.
  • Tigertek Mermaid 24mm RTATigertek Mermaid 24mm RTA 1
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    Tigertek Mermaid 24mm RTA

    The latest rebuildable system from Tigertek, the Mermaid 24mm RTA presents a beautiful structure design with a special gold-plated build deck with unique two-post design and dual slotted bottom airflow.
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    Vandy Vape Pyro V2 BF RDTA

    The Vandy Vape Pyro V2 BF RDTA is the update rendition of the original, implementing an intuitive postless build deck, advanced multi-hole airflow design, and a dynamic modular design that will appease building enthusiasts.